Sam Adams has created a limited edition beer they call, “Too Old, Too Slow, Still Here.”  The beer comes in a goat-themed can.  

The Boston area brewery will hold an event on Thursday where 199 people will have the chance to purchase the beer.

Via CBS Boston:

The farmhouse double New England IPA will go on sale at an event Thursday from 4:30-7:30 p.m. at the Boston Brewery and Tap Room. Each of the first 199 people will be able to purchase one crowler apiece.

Sam Adams founder Jim Koch released a statement about the limited edition beer and supporting the Patriots.

“We’re behind New England Patriots 100 percent as they head to the big game.  The best way we could think to honor the team was to brew a beer for fans that can’t make it to Atlanta and a New England style Double IPA with as much spirit as the players felt like the perfect beer.  We haven’t doubted them all season and can’t wait to watch them on Sunday with a beer in hand that honors their hard work.”

Nothing shows support quite like a beer.