Cubs legend and steroid era star, Sammy Sosa, sat down with NBC Sports Chicago and discussed a return to Chicago.  This is the 20 year anniversary of his MVP season after all. 

“The ownership they have to understand that I’m a humble man, I’m not a man to have ego, when I was playing I was a little bit because I was focused on what I was trying to do,” Sosa said. “But right now I’m gonna be 50 years old. I’m a granddaddy, I’m a grandparent, so things change. So if I made a mistake, I don’t have to say that but if I made a mistake, I didn’t want to offend any body I don’t have a problem with that, I’m sorry because you know, I was in my zone.”

However, Sammy Sosa wants nothing more than to be welcome in a stadium that he helped to fill for many seasons on a daily basis. He played hard everyday and helped to turn many baseball fans into Chicago Cubs fans. Sammy wants to feel the love he felt when he was thrilling Cubs fans with his play. He wants to hear the cheers of the crowd once again.

“If one day I come back to Chicago, I’d come back for the fans,” Sosa said. “I owe those people something.”

Sosa seems ready for a return and to accept credit for turning around the entire franchise around.  The questions weren’t all about Sosa returning to Chicago.  

The interviewer had the balls to ask the former Cub about his changing appearance too.  It wasn’t a question Sosa was willing to give a straight answer to.

Props to the interviewer for asking it anyway.  Sosa’s new look is amazing.