Sammy Sosa is the most interesting man that will never make the Hall of Fame. The former Chicago Cubs slugger is known for his change of skin color more these days than his killer swing, and by the looks of this interview below, he’s totally embracing his dirty little secret.

“The cream exists”: Sammy Sosa confesses to Raúl why his skin has changed color

Raúl de Molina returned to the celebrity jacuzzi and this time the turn was for Sammy Sosa. They talked about what makes it [Sammy’s skin] look clearer. He also sent a strong message to people who want to comment on his life.

Right about now I wish I understood Spanish, because I don’t want to miss a minute of this bizarre interview. 

  We have all the secrets of the cream used by Sammy Sosa.   

Now all Sammy has to do is come clean about his steroid use, but that ain’t happening. If there was a Hall of Fame for complete skin transformation, Sammy would most certainly be a first ballot entry. Keep doing you Sammy.