The New York Knicks had entered the day on an 18-game home losing streak, just one more loss away from tying the NBA record set by the 1993-94 Dallas Mavericks. 

Luckily they won, and avoided setting the NBA record. 

IN the middle of his speech at the Oscars, actor and friend of Spike Lee, Samuel L. Jackson, decided to give the infamous Knicks fan some good news. 

Watch below: 

Moments later, Jackson delivered even better news, that Spike Lee had just won his first Academy Award.

โ€œSamuel L. Jackson and I went to the same college. I have known Sam from way, way back,โ€ Lee said afterward via The Hollywood Reporter.

โ€œTo have him open up the envelope and say my name it was a great thing. Did I jump up on him? That was a genuine reaction.โ€

The jokes came flying in: 

What a night to be a Knicks and Spike Lee fan. 

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