Experienced bodybuilders, as well as newbies, keep wondering whether they should use SARMs, steroids or both. To assist them in making informed decisions, we shall have a SARMs vs. anabolic steroids comparison. Before using steroids, you must evaluate your choices carefully. Anabolic steroids have numerous side effects as we shall see shortly.

On the contrary, SARMs have a few side effects. You can substitute steroids for SARMs since they have similar benefits and rarely cause bodily harm. A comparison that says product A is better than B is not sufficient. Our research outcome is exciting and informative. In the end, we will tell you why SARMs are a better option than Anabolic Steroids.

  1. Anabolic Steroids

Your body produces hormones, chemical compounds, that help cells, tissues, and organs perform their tasks. These naturally-occurring hormones, we can also call them steroids. However, there is another category of human-made chemicals that are very similar to hormones. These are steroids too, and they have their medical use. Doctors will, from time to time, prescribe steroids for treatment of anemia. On other occasions, prescription steroids help men produce enough testosterone.

o   Features

Anabolic steroids are synthetic drugs that weight lifters use to build muscle. The term ’anabolic’ means muscle-building. Weightlifters take these substances either orally or through hypodermic needles. There is a second type of steroids called the corticosteroids. These help in fighting inflammations. Pharmacologists develop them in a laboratory. Corticosteroids imitate or copy the chemical composition of the hormone cortisol, secreted by the adrenal glands. Cortisol is responsible for stopping inflammation.  

o   Effects

Whether you are working out as a sport or a hobby, having a muscular appearance gives you a sense of pride. By taking anabolic steroids, in a consistent cycle, they increase your muscle mass. Besides, they reduce the chances of getting muscle damage occurring from the strenuous workout. In the process, you recover quickly and recoup the energy you need to increase workout effort and frequency.

o   Side effects

After a few healthy doses of anabolic steroids, you will undoubtedly notice some changes in your physique. However, abuse or overdose could have serious side effects. In males, anabolic steroids can:

  Render you infertile

  Increase your breast size

  Shrink your testicles

  Enlarge the prostate gland

On the other hand, in women, steroids can:

  Cause a deepening of their voice

  Bring changes in the menstrual cycle

  Cause irreversible baldness

Overall, steroid users might suffer consequences, such as:


  Abnormalities in their liver functions

  High blood pressure

  Aggressive behavior


  1. SARMs

At the start of this SARMs vs. Anabolic steroids conversation, we covered the latter in detail. We learned about their harmful side effects; now, we can only hope for a better alternative. Fortunately, SARMs will save the day.

a. What are the features?

SARMs or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators have been in existence since the 1940s. They enhance the performance of weightlifters and fitness enthusiasts. These drugs came around as a by-product of ongoing research and the possibility of finding cures for certain diseases. With time, people discovered that you could use SARMs for fitness enhancement without harm.

Unlike steroids, SARMs bind to selective androgen receptors in the bone and muscle cells. The aspect of selectivity alone means that you do not put your body at high risk.

b. Effects

Depending on your objective, some SARMs will help you lose fat. Others will bulk-up your muscles. For better results, some people stack two or three types together, you can read more about it here. Apart from weight loss or gain, SARMs cause healthy muscle growth. Besides, if you pick injuries at the gym, you heal quickly. Prevention of muscle wastage is another effect of these drugs. With proper usage, you find that your workouts last long, you feel energetic and get motivated to go back to the gym again.

c. Side effects

Despite sounding like a cliche, the impact of using SARMs as enhancement drugs are barely noticeable. Occasionally, there could be:

  Hormone suppression

  Sensitivity to light

  Hair loss


d. Gains

Experiences from people that have used SARMs before the reveal that there are very few side effects. Since most variants exist in oral form, you avoid the risks associated with needles and syringes. While steroids deprive your body of good cholesterol and increase the bad one, SARMs are the exact opposite. Female users do not suffer infertility, and men cannot have low libido.

Why SARMs are a better option than Anabolic Steroids

In this duel pitting SARMs vs. anabolic steroidswe vote in favor of SARMs. By reasonably taking them, you experience fewer side effects than would be the case for steroids. In the latter case, the results are permanent. On the contrary, you can gradually and eventually reverse any harm emanating from a SARM overdose.