Agent Scott Boras wants the rules changed to make shifting illegal and to require two players on each side of the bag in the infield.  He says that shifting is discriminatory as it hurts left handed hitters more than right handed hitters.

Via Fancred Sports:

“You want right handed hitters and left handed hitters treated equally,” Boras said by phone. “I think you have to (legislate) having two players on the other side of the (second base) bag.”

Boras called the extreme shifts being used “discriminatory” because they hurt left handed hitters much more than right handed hitters. He estimated there’s a 20-point penalty for lefty hitters, and further suggested it’s not only bad for those hitters but bad for baseball, as well.

Boo hoo, the answer to the shift is a pretty easy one Mr. Boras.  Tell your clients to learn to HIT THE BALL THE OTHER WAY!!!

It’s as simple as that.  They’re supposed to be professionals.  The fact that they didn’t grow up learning to do so shouldn’t factor in one bit.