Doc Rivers went on the record to say that Kawhi Leonard is the closest player we’ve seen to Michael Jordan, and now MJ’s former teammate has alleged that perhaps Doc was simply being a ‘prisoner of the moment.’ 

“[Leonard] is the most like Jordan that we’ve seen,” the Clippers head coach said Tuesday (May 28) night, adding that “there’s a lot of great players. LeBron is phenomenal, KD is phenomenal. Not that [Leonard] is Jordan or anything like that, but he’s the most like him.”

Rivers went on to explain their similarities by adding that Leonard has “big hands, post game, can finish. Great leaper, great defender, in-between game. If you beat him to the spot he bumps you off, and then you add his three-point shooting.”

In fairness, Pippen also conceded that it’s ultimately a good comparison, however, he emphasized that “right now… Kawhi is playing well,” while asking “did y’all forget about Kobe?” as he looked into the camera with a smile. 

Watch below:  

Although the former 6x NBA champion and 7x All-Star didn’t explicitly state who more closely resembles Jordan, he didn’t mince words when he was asked if the Golden State Warriors are the greatest team of all time, letting it be known that the honor still belongs to his Chicago Bulls.

Kobe owes Pip one. 

I mean Kobe was almost perfect facsimile of MJ. 

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