Some Cliff notes below:

8 kids 4 baby mommas!

It’s starts with a women by the name of Cheyvette Valentine, but then cheated & had his 1st son Antron Pippen with a women named Karen from Arkansas.

He lied to Cheyvette about the baby & said it was his sisters. He finally came clean to Cheyvette on Valentine’s Day 88’, about his 1st child. It’s gets worse he also reveals he got married to Karen his baby momma in 88’! Scottie & Karen divorced in 90’ & moved on with Cheyvette. They finally moved on in 93’.

In 94’ a model named Sonia gives birth to twins Taylor & Tyler. Baby Tyler passed away 9 days later leaving Scottie with 2 children. He refused to care for the child & wanted paternity.

In comes in Yvette Dalion. They get engaged & have a child named Sierra Pippen in Feb 95’. They got into a domestic dispute & the cops were called months later after the Bulls lose to Orlando. They broke up shorty after the dispute.

He settles in Court with Sonia the model for daughter Taylor. They establish a trust which included education, health insurance, 10K in medical bills & more.

Yvette goes after him in child support for daughter Sierra & is award 5K/m till they settle. The settlement was large enough to cover Ciara’s college tuition.

He only deals with Antron & Sierra often. His relationship with Sonia was a big mistake & they were never together.

He started dating Larsa in 95’. They dated for 3 months before getting engaged. She never wanted to date an athlete but he changed her. They got married in 97’. Larsa was 22 & Scottie 31. She took control of his entire life, including the money. Scottie didn’t even know what bank they used her trusted Larsa completely! He named a boat after her. He was sprungggggg!

Sons Scottie Jr born in 02’ & Preston was born in 04’. Justin in 07’ & Sophia in 09’ making him a father of 7.

He bought a house in Arkansas & spent his time back & forth. Larsa was cut from RHOMIA after 1 season. They moved back to Chicago & Scottie took a job with the Bulls.

In 2015 they were living separate lives. They put there mansion in Chicago on the market for 3 mil in 16’.

In comes Future! They met in & Miami. She claims they were just “friends” & would lean on his dirty dick in need. She was flying around with him on his private jet from Miami to Vegas. Larsa claimes she saw Scottie flirting with an “actress“.

Scottie had Larsa followed by a PI due to the affair with Future!

The cops were called twice due to a verbal dispute. They file for divorce in 16’. Scottie moves on with a Sports Illustrated model.

Scottie hates Larsa’s friendship with the Kardashians!

Larsa was still spending time with Future, in which Future took shots at Scottie!

Cheyvette returns & ask Scottie to pay up in 19’, from “damages” back from 87-93’. This case & Larsa’s divorce are still pending.

He made amends with his daughter Taylor.

The End. 

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