Via The News Tribune:

“(I live in) not a great area in terms of wifi and cell service and everything,” the Seahawks general manager said Tuesday while on a Zoom call from his suburban Seattle house—the one that will be his draft home this week. “The guys have really done a great job of working through my house.

“I’m not going to lie to you; I’ve had a couple walls ripped up and had people in my house working on that. You know, it’s just part of the process. In the time of trying to be social distancing, it’s definitely been a challenge.

“But everybody’s done a great job of recreating my dining room into a—like right when you walk in the door, it’s the draft room.”

Ripping walls out of your house for a one-time event is a little extreme.  But it tells you all you need to know about football guys and how the Seahawks run things.

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