When you find the right solution, the problem disappears. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get rid of online fraud once and for all at the same time. But you can protect your business with highly effective anti-fraud software. It will find out possible risks and urge you to be vigilant in situations with the suspicious activity of certain persons, whether they are consumers, partners, or your employees. Opt to secure eCommerce fraud with the most effective anti-fraud tools provided to users of the MaxPay account.

Ethoca Helps to Secure Ecommerce Fraud

While opening an online account with the international payment gateway provider MaxPay, you get access to one of the most effective services to alert you to possible fraud: Ethoca Alert. The application of this service gives its users multiple advantages:

  • Timely notification of chargebacks: you receive an alert the same day the customer complains to the issuer bank.
  • Guarding of your chargeback threshold from exceeding.
  • Proper instant reaction to the chargeback threat that dissuades customers to start transaction disputes.
  • Improving relations with customers due to timely refunding and positive practice of dissuading to turn to the mechanism of dispute resolution.

Ethoca not only helps to save your business reputation but also teaches you proper interaction with disappointed customers. More of that, it secures eCommerce fraud with chargebacks. Thanks to the timely notification of the merchant, the latter can stop the fraud activity of a customer at the right moment and save money.

The Procedure of Ethoca Alerts

One of the main troubles with chargebacks is that merchants are notified about them weeks after the issuer bank gets complaints from customers. By that time, purchased goods are already shipped to a fraudulent customer. Choose to secure eCommerce fraud with timely notifications about chargebacks. Here is how it works:

  • You open a MaxPay account, get your eWallet, and order the Ethoca Alert service.
  • When a customer connects with the issuer bank on the question of the chargeback, the information on that is immediately sent to the Ethoca network. The only condition is that the bank should participate in the Ethoca program.
  • Ethoca also instantly notifies the merchant about the coming chargeback.
  • In response, the merchant can contact the customer and offer him/her to refund money instead of a dispute. Also, the former can stop shipping goods purchased by a customer. If that was a case of fraud, the scammer will not reach the goal.
  • In this way, Ethoca helps to secure eCommerce fraud effectively.

Other effective tools offered by MaxPay to secure eCommerce fraud

You should also check additional valuable tools:

  • Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry (VMPI) to stop disputes between issuer banks and merchants.
  • Device fingerprinting allows merchants to detect suspicious activity on their websites.
  • Trustchain: a global reputation network that helps to secure eCommerce fraud.

Open eWallet with the https://maxpay.com/ financial gateway provider to secure eCommerce fraud. Fighting with financial fraud for years, the company will provide your business with the right solution. The best evidence of the effectiveness of its solutions is the complete disappearance of problems with chargebacks. Secure eCommerce fraud and run a safe business in Europe. Carry out your transactions in EUR and USD. And don’t worry about your money when the protection of your business is under the shield of professionals.