When designing and decorating a luxurious and stylish bathroom, it is important to pay attention to each element of the room. A sink is an integral part of any bathroom and serves great decorative and practical purposes. Bathroom sinks have a variety of designs, which have been popular for many years now. Aquatica offers customers a wide range of high end sinks in the most famous designs of all times. Here you can find both vessel and freestanding sinks that will suit any bathroom. Some of the models can be wall-mounted as well.

One of the most convenient and appealing features of Aquatica sinks is their versatility. Each bathroom has a certain amount of space and requires a sink in s specific design. In the catalog you will find a huge variety in dimensions in order to choose the most fitting sink for your room. Some of the smaller sinks range from 10-19 to 20-29 inches. The model sizes grow up to 130-139 inches max.

Another essential selling point is a selection of colors and shapes. With such variety, you will undoubtedly find a perfect sink for yourself. There are a few different shapes (round, oval, square and some unique shapes) and color variations are quite diverse (black, white, brown, gunmetal, bronze, green, red, etc.). In addition, you can order your sink in one or two different colors.

The Advantages of Sinks Produced by Aquatica

Many customers all around the world trust Aquatica with their bathroom furniture (https://www.aquaticausa.com/category/outdoor-showers) because of certain advantages:

  • Great designs – the designers here provide incredible furniture models in minimalistic and classy designs. They will suit even the most sophisticated clients because of careful and masterful craftsmanship;
  • High quality materials – the novelty composite materials used in manufacturing of these sinks are environmentally friendly and can serve for a long time. They are incredibly durable and easy to wash.