A brawl involving current and former MLB players broke out in the 9th inning of Wednesday’s Venezuelan Winter League game between La Guaira and Caracas.  After the dust settled four players were ejected from the game.

As is the case every year, there were several current MLB players playing for both teams.  Cardinals first baseman Jose Martinez, White Sox shortstop Jose Rondon, Brewers pitcher Junior Guerra and infielder Gregorio Petit, who just signed a couple of days ago with the Phillies were all on the field.

Former MLB catcher Hector Sanchez, who last played with the Padres in 2017, was also playing in the game and landed a big time punch.  The punch can be seen in the video below as it dropped the man on the receiving end.

According to Yahoo Sports the fight started when La Guaira pitcher Jorgan Cavanerio threw two pitches behind Caracas right-fielder Felix Perez.  Perez then charged the mound and the two traded pleasantries.  The video above shows round two of the fight with Perez going back for more.

It all started moments earlier when Perez charged the hill after Cavanerio fired two of three pitches behind him during his ninth-inning at-bat. Perez charged and fired his helmet at Cavanerio before tumbling to the ground. Cavanerio fired back with a kick that appeared to catch Perez in the chest or stomach.

It wasn’t immediately clear what led Cavanerio to throw behind the batter, but the pitches reportedly looked intentional. The initial action sequence ignited a massive scrum that moved around the home plate area for roughly 30 seconds before seemingly calming down.

Then Perez jumped back in and utter chaos erupted.

What a wild scene.  Believe it or not things finally did settle down and La Guaira got the final three outs to finish the game and take home a 6-2 win.  I can’t wait to see what goes down the next time these two teams play each other.