Shannon Sharpe speaking his mind like usual.

Kyrie Irving is officially suspended for at least two more games and it could be longer if he does not check all the boxes the Brooklyn Nets presented him with. After Irving did not publicly apologize for sharing a link to an antisemitic film on his Twitter account, the Nets told him to apologize, donate half a million dollars to fighting antisemitism, meet with Jewish leaders, undergo sensitivity training, and then meet with owner Joe Tsai to prove he understands he did wrong.

So far, the only item Irving has accomplished publicly is an apology. There could be all sorts of action going on behind the scenes. Or nothing at all. Until we learn which it is, the Irving suspension is a launching point for debate in studios across the country. Including Undisputed.

On Tuesday’s episode, Shannon Sharpe expressed his belief that the punishment the Nets levied out for the situation is unjust because they are trying to rob Irving of his dignity.

There is an argument to be made that the Nets are overstepping and it is the argument the NBAPA is going to make when they appeal the suspension soon. But robbing Irving of his dignity by requiring him to undergo sensitivity training after sharing a movie featuring Holocaust denial? A bit of an overstatement from Sharpe.

The bad discourse will continue until Irving is reinstated. Or publicly says he’s not doing any of that. It is truly anybody’s guess as to which outcome will be reality.

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