CBD edibles are here to stay. From gummies to chocolate bars, it appears that CBD has left the headshops of the world and gained mainstream appeal. That rising popularity means that many of your favorite athletes have either already tried CBD, or are going to try it in the next five years. But what is CBD, exactly? And can it help athletes and people with active lifestyles?

What is CBD, exactly?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. The substance is a hemp extract with many medicinal properties. You may have heard CBD being associated with weed culture, and that’s because it comes from cannabis. “Hemp” is just a name given to any strain of cannabis containing less than a certain amount of THC in its composition. In the US, hemp can only contain as much as 0.3% THC. Under EU regulations, the maximum amount is 0.2% THC.

When extracted from hemp and isolated, CBD takes the form of a tasteless white powder. That’s what used to produce many of the edibles in the market, and it allows for a product that tastes just like regular food. That said, edibles made using CBD isolates are usually less healthy than the ones made using full-spectrum products. Full-spectrum CBD products contain other healthy active agents found in the hemp plant, and may even contain hemp biomass.

The benefits of edibles

CBD edibles can help people deal with pain, inflammation, and anxiety. This can help professional athletes in a variety of ways.

Intense workouts often lead to both pain and inflammation. And when you are trying to stay in peak physical condition, discomfort isn’t just common, it is expected. Taking painkillers can mask those symptoms, but they can lead to serious consequences in the long term. CBD, on the other hand, is relatively safe to use.

The substance can interact with different types of medication, so it should be used with care. But other than that, CBD is safe. It offers no risk of addiction or chemical dependency. Which makes the substance attractive to athletes trying to deal with chronic pain or recover from injuries. It can also help regular people recover after an intense workout.

CBD’s anxiolytic properties are also quite beneficial for athletes. Many find it impossible to relax on the day of a big competition, and CBD can help these people calm down and recover their bearings. If you are the type who can’t even sleep the night before a big event because you are too anxious, CBD can help you with that. Sleeping well and being relaxed on the day you compete can both help boost your athletic performance.

On top of all that, edibles have one advantage over other methods of consuming CBD. The effects of an edible last much longer than that of other methods, as long as six hours, which allows for long-term relief without the need to redose.

Should athletes try edibles?

It’s safe to say that any professional athlete can benefit from CBD. As long as the laws allow it, trying the substance won’t hurt. And in most cases, athletes won’t have to worry about drug tests either — the World Anti-Doping Agency has already removed CBD from its list of banned substances. And as Cibdol explained, as long as you are careful, the amount of THC found in CBD products won’t make you fail a drug test either.