The Penguins took on the Rangers in New York on Wednesday night and the game didn’t end well for most of the Rangers fans.  Pittsburgh won the game easily, 7-2.

There was one Rangers fan who left a little less disappointed and with a one of a kind souvenir.  According to The Sports Daily, the fan had been heckling Penguins star Sidney Crosby the entire night.

It’s not a stretch to say that fans of rival teams — Capitals, Rangers, etc. — actually hate Crosby, so when he comes to town, they tend to bring their A-game.

That was the case at Madison Square Garden during Wednesday’s game, when a Rangers fan seated next to the penalty box apparently heckled him throughout the contest.

How’d Sid respond? By leaving him his stick, with a personalized message on it, essentially giving him props on the chirp job.

Crosby’s message to the Rangers heckler read:

Game recognizes game.  It might have also helped that the Penguins walked away with a five goal victory. 

The soft players in the NBA, who get fans thrown out of the arena for heckling, could take a page out of Crosby’s “how to handle a heckler” book.