Fourth-seeded Arizona lost to 13-seed Buffalo, 89-68, in the first round of the NCAA Tournament on Thursday at Taco Bell Arena, there was only one question, is Skip Bayless responsible? 

Skip is known for saying dumb things not only on TV, but also on Twitter. I put this right up there with his worst tweets of all time! He put the kibosh on the Wildcats the minute he tweeted about them. 

That other scandal couldn’t have factored in as much as Skip’s bad luck.   Check out the tweet below, at least he has the balls not to delete it. 

Well that didn’t go as planned Skip, guess it’s time to move on to your next awful prediction. I feel like at this point, Skip has lost sight if he’s trolling us, or he’s just trolling himself. He’s entertaining to say the least.

 Check out some funny videos of Skip below, and try not to laugh or hurt yourself. 

I think you get the point, enjoy the gallery below for some more of Skip’s awful predictions. Twitter really holds you accountable when you try go out on a limb.