On Monday, Fox Sports personality and analyst Skip Bayless said he has inside information that NBA star LeBron James, who frequently wades into politics, is planning to run for President of the United States.

And, as soon as Shannon [Sharpe] and I did this topic on Friday, this guy that I’m close to immediately texted me and he said, ‘No no no no, [James] really considering this, and he was way — and it’s got a lot of ‘Y’s’ on the end of ‘way’ — way before [DeMarcus Cousins] came out with it.”

Bayless added: “And, the guy I know said, ‘It’s a plan of his but not yet a goal.’ But he emphasized he’s really — all caps — considering running for president of the United States.”

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Not sure Skip’s source is legit. 

But it’s worth a listen.  

Flip the Page to hear Skip explain: