If you ever happen to search on google “soccer predictions for the weekend” chances are you will be bombarded with gambling sites.
In case you didn’t know the whole prediction gambling happens based on ongoing soccer matches.
You can predict which team going to win the match. Which team going to score how many goals.
It’s a game of prediction aka gambling.

If you are looking for a safe trusted prediction site, visit sportsprediction.asia. Our friend over their provides free predictions daily. You can grab those or perhaps invest some and buy your predictions.

We know what is gambling and the addiction can do to you. But this is where soccer (football as we Asian/European call it) prediction differs from your regular card/poker gambling.
Yes, you can bet real money but only if you want to. A lot of site offers free points for just signing up. You can try using those points and see if you like it.
Mind you this is not for a compulsive gambler. Soccer as we see it it’s a sport that we love. If you do not know anything about the sport chances are you are going to fail all of your predictions.

How to predict correctly?
Truth be told if anyone would know the answer to that he would probably be a millionaire at this point. But don’t lose hope we are going to give you some simple tips that you should keep in mind before predicting.

Choose the right team:
All the websites receive predictions of almost all the available leagues in the world.
But that doesn’t mean you are going to bet on them all. If you are interested in prediction chances are you already follow a football league. Whether it’s English premier league or Spanish Laliga. Bet only on the teams that you follow and know about.

Keep track of the squad beforehand:
What we mean by that is the playing squad always get’s confirmed a couple of hour before the match. See the squad and see their records. How the performed in the last couple of matches. Any injuries involved in the players or not etc.

See the opponent your team is facing:
Your team won’t win every match. If the opponent team is a strong one check it’s record. How they play and how well their star players are performing. It’s a game of ball anything can happen. If an upset happens you can’t control that. But what you can do is keeping a record of the opponent team and predict based on that. If they are playing better than your team chances are they will win the match or drag it to a draw.

We are not master at predictions what so ever. But what we are is good guides. The point of this post was to give you a simple guide about the amazing world of soccer prediction for the weekend. Some do it for fun some do it for something else. What’s your motive?
We like to mention again soccer prediction is gambling so try to control your addiction.