One more season of the Premier League has ended, which means it’s time to sum up its results. You can easily find soccer scores of matches from all over the world on the sports statistics website. Only relevant data is presented here. It is updated in real time.

As for the pleasant surprises of the ended season, West Ham is one of the first. The team managed to finish in 6th place in the Premier League and made it to the Europa League. This is only the 4th case in the current century, when the Hammers were able to qualify for the European cups.

Moreover, if you look at the scores of some soccer matches, you can see that the team even claimed a place in the Champions League zone just a few rounds ago. However, a few fails in decisive games, and their position deteriorated. However, this was a really good season for them.

Now, it’s very important for West Ham to retain their leaders. Many of the players are on loan, so the team has to negotiate to buy them out. Other top players are claimed by more status clubs. Surely, the activity in the transfer market will affect the team’s performance next season.

Premier League fixtures of championships matches

You can easily follow the performances of the Hammers and their rivals in the upcoming campaign on the sports statistics website. Here, information on each match is updated in real time. Premier League fixtures are also available. Now, it is clear that the team will have to play several important confrontations already in the first rounds, which may well affect its position in the standings.

As for the reasons for the club’s successful performance in the past season, here they are:

  1. Progress of many players. It is worth noting Rice and the loaned Lingard, who literally “blossomed” at West Ham and was even recognized as the player of the month.
  2. Experience of the mentor. Finally, Moyes was able to confirm his class and lead the team to European competition. After several failures in other positions, this can be considered a real achievement.
  3. Individual skills of the main leaders. Take Souček, whose effectiveness has repeatedly allowed the team to score points.

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