Hard to believe the players like McDonald’s this much, that they’d be willing to try that much harder to win. This crazy story comes via the Daily Telegraph, and shows just how powerful the Golden Arches can be across the pond. I mean, we’re talking about chump change here. 

Via the Daily Telegraph

When the owner of title chasing Accrington Stanley wanted to reward his players for their sixth straight league victory, there was only one place for it – a meal at McDonald’s.

Their regular outings to the fast food chain or similar restaurants may even be behind their remarkable run in League Two. To incentivise his side, Andy Holt settles the £200 bill – and the players have to pay for their own dinner if they lose.

But while he may well have expected to notch up another three points on Easter Monday at home to Notts County on their way to a likely promotion, one thing that caught him by surprise was a letter from the English Football League.

Mr Holt, it turns out, has been breaching the rules on bonuses by buying his team burgers. Officials have warned him to stop his unusual incentive of fast food meals because they are not written into their contracts.

Not that he will take any notice of it, as Mr Holt says he will defy football bosses and continue to treat his players to burgers when they win.

In this country’s collegiate level, the students prefer cold hard cash, and of course the Major Sports Leagues in the US incentivize wins with cash bonuses.

Not sure getting free McDonalds is going to make me kick a soccer ball any harder, or chase down a defender any faster.  A free extra value meal won’t even get me out of bed. Who’s hungry?