Toto 4D is a popular lottery game in Southeast Asia and East Asia and has already taken the online casino world by storm. Suppose you are in gambling or had time to the casino, therefore you may have found the game Toto 4D. 

Toto 4D has its roots in the early 20th era, where ordinary people bought lottery tickets at physical casinos. With time as well as the development of technology, games are now available for people on their desktop or easy -to -move screens, as well as they can easily check the settings of Toto 4D with a click of a button, supported by such a Any beginner or veteran gambler can easily buy a Toto 4D ticket on their basis as well as browse the results of the time set first to make a decision that is more accurate.

Standard Method

There are various methods to play this game, as well as common methods including also selecting any number from 0000 to 9999. The next way is to select the “Big” or “Small” option to enter the game. The “Big” option will allow you to win prizes when your number makes a decision, without anyone guessing any position, making you eligible for Special Features as well as Consolation prizes.

On the other hand, the “Small” speculation option will only allow you to win when your numbers are in the top three positions in each Toto 4D game. Although the “Small” option is more risky than the last one, it arrives with a higher reward, as well as you can double your prize by playing on the “Small” option.

Once you have selected the number and speculation options you want, mark them on the game slip and wait for the drawing date. Draws are generally held on Weekends, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and can also switch depending on the Toto 4D provider.

I-Prem method

Another step of playing Toto 4D is the I-Perm (Permutation) method. The I-Perm method allows you to select numbers, from combinations of digits that are similar to your Toto 4D game. You can use this method as well as choose a combination of different numbers of your choice, further, increase your chances of winning the first prize. These methods are divided on I-Prem in 4,6,12 as well as 24 permutation methods to enhance your gaming experience. For example, when I go with the I-Prem 4 method with a set of digits consisting of the number 1234, my Permutation number will also include 3241, 4132, as well as, 2134. The permutation method is less risky because it diversifies your effect into several numbers, increasing your chances of winning the top position.

Roll Method

Another to play Toto 4D game with random number roll. There is Roll 1 as well as Roll 4 in this game. Roll 1 includes select the last three digits of the number as well as assign a value of “0” to “9” on the first digit. Instead, the Roll 4 method allows you to select the first 3 digits of a number and decide the value of “0” to “9” to the last digit.

Got the point? After all, I hope this information was helpful.