The Microsoft certifications are one of the most popular credentials in the field of Information Technology. It is no longer news that pursuing a rewarding career path in the IT industry requires an edge. In other words, you have to build a competitive edge over your peers in the realm. For the newcomers to the industry, it may be a little difficult landing a good job from the onset. Unfortunately, you may also not have the required skills and knowledge to pursue a desired certificate. In this case, MTA comes in handy.

Microsoft Technical Associate is an entry-level credential that demonstrates the fundamental skills and knowledge of new professionals in the IT field. You don’t need to fulfill any prerequisite to be able to pursue this certificate. With adequate preparation, you can build the basic knowledge of IT infrastructure, development, or database. To earn the MTA certification, you have to pass one exam. If you feel you can take up more challenges, you can go ahead to obtain MCSA instead of MTA. Microsoft Certification is also available for the newbiesbut it delivers theAssociate level.

In this article, we will focus on the MTA certification exam – Microsoft 98-366.

What is Microsoft 98-366 exam?

Microsoft 98-366: Networking Fundamentals is an exam that leads to the award of the MTA certificate. It is aimed at those individuals who are conversant with general networking technologies and concepts. These candidates are required to have some level of hands-on experience with network management tools, name resolution process, Windows Server, network protocols & topologies, Windows-based networking, TCP/IP, and DNS. The test is made up of between 40 and 60 questions with the passing score of 700 on a scale of 1000. The time duration allotted for its completion is 45-90 minutes. Before taking Microsoft 98-366, the examinees will be required to register and schedule with Pearson VUE or Certiport. Before you can schedule it, you should pay $127.

How to prepare and passMicrosoft 98-366 exam?

Now that you understand the general details of Microsoft 98-366, it is time to look at the best ways you can prepare and pass this test at your first attempt. The first thing you need to know is that this exam requires a full understanding of the content. Although it is a foundational certification test, it is still tough in its own way. If you want to ace the 98-366exam without any problem, you should pay attention to the preparation tips shared in this article.


  • Understand the technical skills measured


Technical skills cover the topics of the certification exam. Understanding them is the first step in preparing for the test. Go through the officialwebpage and read through the subjects. These are what will be measured. You need to understand every aspect of the objectives before you take them. Basically, the list below is the skill setthat will be measured in Microsoft 98-366:

  • Network infrastructure;
  • Protocols & services;
  • Network hardware.

It is critical that you understand each of these topic areas and develop hands-on competency in each of them to enhance your performance in the actual exam. 


  • Choose a revision guide


You can’t prepare for any Microsoft test without an official guide. With this revision manual, you are able to structure your study appropriately so you can cover the exam content in depth. There are quite a number of these tutorials out there but you may just want to stick with the official recommendation. You should go through the Microsoft learning platform to read more about the appropriate studymaterials. When you got your guide, it is time to start your study in earnest.


  • Review resources on the Microsoft Virtual Academy


No doubt, many applicants complain about loads of information available on the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) and about the task of sifting through different tools to find exactly what you are looking for. The fact that there may not be much content relating to your specific exam has also been a challenge for many individuals. Well, the truth is that the MVA is a great place to start your preparation. It offers you a wide scope of various technologies of Microsoft. You will also find video tutorials and presentations that cover the technology of your specific test. In addition to this, you will find links to other sites where you can find adequate prep resources to get ready. Additionally, the MVA is free. Therefore, no matter what the cost, you should use all available free materials.


  • Take officialtraining courses are going to take Microsoft 98-366, there is a high chance that you are new to Microsoft technologies and this will be your first certification exam ever. For this reason, you should consider taking a training course. You have a choice:to go through an instructor-led training class delivered by a Microsoft certified tutor in a classroom styleorchoose a self-paced online training course. You have no excuses for not accepting it, even your work or family cannot be an excuse, especially if you can take a self-study course. It gives you the opportunity to learn from the IT experts who understand what the test entails.


  • Take updated practice tests


This is a very critical aspect of your preparation. Mock testswill help youfamiliarize yourself with exam questions. You can understand the pattern and style of the realtest. By taking it, you will develop expertise and will be able to identify the knowledge gap in your preparation. To get this type of prep resources, you need to go to special platforms that offer such tools. And Prepaway is one of them. It has the relevant and up-to-date practice questions that you can use for your preparation process. You can also take the test in a simulated environment that replicates the real exam setting. With this, you increase your chance of success.


Although Microsoft 98-366 is oftheEntry level, it can be difficult as any other certification tests. You may not be psychologically prepared or your knowledge may not be enough. There can be many factors. That is why you need to prepare adequately and fill in all the gaps you may have.