Music is something that changes our mood and helps te get to relax after a long day of hard work at the office. The tune of any music has a remarkable impact on one’s mind. Sometimes it can make you feel joy, and sometimes it can make you feel sad. Music has become a part of our humane life. There is almost none who doesn’t love to listen to any types of music. Music can easily erase all the tiredness all the sadness of daily life and can give you the energy to move forward. A music lover can’t possibly live a single day without hearing songs.

There are so many kinds of music and songs in the whole world, and that music has different types of genre. A listener can easily find the music they want to hear at ease. Thousand of artist and millions of people are working hard to provide us with new kind of music every day. Everyday many many songs are released over the world. Every day contemporary artists are coming to the stage of music and try to give the listener good music.

There are many kinds and many languages of music. But today we are going to talk about the big Tamil music industry. It is an exciting genre, and many people are a fan of this genre. But they don’t have much knowledge about it. If you love to hear Tamil music, Tamil songs and other kinds of genre’s of music lover be sure to check out This website can provide you with all the Tamil songs that you are interested in. 

What is Tamil Music?

Tamil Nadu is in the southern side of India. The language of Tamil Nadu is called Tamil. In this part of India, there was born a new type of music called Tamil music. There are many categories which can easily divide the Tamil music industry from other industry. Tamil music is like more of classic and folk type.

Tamil music is trendy in the Tamil area but also is very popular in the whole of India. But most of the fans of Tamil music is in Tamil Nadu. It is like Korean Pop, also known as k-pop. K-pop is known across the whole world, but most of the die-hard fan of k-pop lives in Korea.

Tamil music has a kind of energetic vibe to it. So it makes you feel better and improve your mood after a very long work full day. Also, the music video of all Tamil songs is very cheerful and entertaining. India is a country where people want to cheer up and want to be happy as much as they can. So they choose the path of music to do so. Tamil music also represents the culture of Tamil Nadu. You can feel the culture and their unique style in all of their songs. They have a colourful and more cheerful theme in their music videos. 

Most of the Tamil songs that you find in the internet is used in any films. Bollywood is known for its large number of producing film every year. For this amount of movies, they also need to have a lot of songs for each of the film. So the artist creates more and more memorable songs for the movie, and the whole Tamil music industry is booming day by day.

Structure of Tamil songs:

Tamil songs are mainly based on folk music. But in the recent few years, we can see modern music taking a big part in the Tamil music industry. But in all this case Tamil songs have this kind of vibe that is only available in all Tamil songs because they represent the Tamil heritage.

In the current Indian market, Bollywood movies have a big part in the whole countries economic system. The songs used in the film makes the film more attractive, and so movies become more profitable. The Tamil music industry has gained significantly over the two decades.

Many young people are now trying to join this big industry, and trying a make a career. So the industry is becoming bigger and bigger over the year.

If we want to know how the Tamil music industry has become so rich and famous, we need to know about the income source of this giant industry. There are mainly three types of business category in the Tamil music industry 

  • Live show
  • Sponsors
  • Publishing

Live Show

The live show isn’t the primary income source of the Tamil music industry. In the previous year, the income of about 30% of their total revenue from live shows ticket sells.


Sponsors give the most significant cut for the total revenue for the Tamil music industry. They earn about 45.2% of the money from different types of sponsorship. That’s about half of the total income of the Tamil song industry.


Tamil music industry income the least amount of money from publishing. About 19.4% of the total revenue comes from publishing.

The reason for this massive amount of money is the population of India. It is vast, and about 1.38 billion people live in India and as I mentioned before Indian people love to enjoy. So in the love event or any kind f live concert, about 40 to 45 % go to see the live show. So they income tons of money form only the live concerts. There are many popular brands such as lux, oppo and so on to sponsor this kind of event.

Artists of Tamil music industry

Al things achievement has become real for the great artists that Tamil music industry has. They offer some incredible music, and people love it so so much. They are famous not only in their region, but some of them are known in the whole world. 

Some of the greatest artists of the Tamil music industry is

A.R. Rahman

There are really few people who haven’t heard of the name A.R Rahman. This oscar-winning music director has represented the Tamil film industry to the whole world. He has a different style of work compare to the other. His every note, chords, the melody is so unique and so good that it cant be described in words.

S P Balasubrahamanyam

SPB is often told as the king of Tamil film industry. He has been in this industry for about four decades, and there is not a single person to compare him. He has sung over 20,000 songs in his entire music career, and most of the songs are Tamil.


Hariharan is called the living legend of Tamil music industry. He has a great voice, and for this voice, he has been awarded the two-time national award, Padma Shri and Tamil Nadu state award.

Shankar Mahadevan

He is quite known for his Hindi songs, but he has given us some great Tamil songs. He has gotten the first national award for the best male singer for the movie named ‘Kandukondain Kandukondain’ for this Tamil film. 

If you want to download some of the best Tamil songs or the songs of these legendary artists or any types of music, be sure to check This website can provide all the songs you need. The Tamil music industry has come too far in terms of success. There are many talented artists, and more and more new people are joining this industry show his or her talent. We hope to see more and more progress in this industry in the upcoming future.