Lately, all businesses and organizations are all about sustainability. More companies in the sports industry are increasing their production with new improved products in giving their contribution to saving the environment. Being eco-responsible in times in which climate changes are affecting the world means a lot.

Being eco-aware is the first step of the start to being involved in this new situation every person is concerned. Have you thought that veganism can contribute to environmental sustainability? Well, it surely does make a difference and more people are becoming vegan. They are trying to avoid meat and other animal products in their diet, since killing animals for goods to be produced is not supported nor accepted by many eco-organizations.

Sporting Industry is Producing Sustainable Products

A plethora of products that were initially made from animal skin was quickly replaced with their eco versions. From Sports shoes to sportswear, companies have shown the world they can save the planet and make it a healthier and greener place.

Did you know that eco-friendly versions of Beach Volleyballs are almost the same to touch, and have the same texture as those made of using animal skin? The difference is only in the materials. Even though animal leather appears as a great element these balls are made of it is not eco-supported.

So, using genuine leather fails in saving the planet, and sports brands are focused on using eco materials, such as polymers that are part of the synthetic, faux leather.

Altogether with other equipment eco-friendly Basketball Ball is more likely used for many big games and sports events, as well as many players on local street courts. The concern of using animal-based products has surely made you question your contribution to the environment and now you have it all solved with buying that plant-based Basketball.

Some sports have used more animal leather and it seems they have a bigger impact on sustainability today with a higher supply of sporting goods. Baseball is one of the sports that use leather for more than just its sports ball, but gloves as well. Luckily the new methods and technologies in sports production are making it easier and have found a better alternative.

Sometimes leather made out of synthetics can also achieve the same effect as real leather and provides the same feeling of touch. So, this explains why PVC, PU, or TPU make great materials for sporting goods and are sustainable. Although they might take longer to recycle and degrade, they are making less damage to the planet compared to processing animal skin into making leather.

The list of eco sporting products is quite long, so we will focus on those that are most used. Have we mentioned that soccer balls do also leave a positive footprint, especially with those plant-based sports balls? 

If you are a professional in Soccer, you already using size 5, and it is probably the first one that was present on the market as an eco soccer ball. However, Size 3, as well as Size 4 Soccer ball is designed for younger players, under the age of 13. Every age category should use the intended size since younger and adult players can not handle the same size and weight of the ball during the game.

Soccer balls are made with vegan layers that offer resistance to water and weather conditions. Players don’t need to be concerned if eco soccer can survive the game on any soccer field, whether indoor or outdoor.

You don’t have to doubt the quality of sports goods, since they are implementing new improvements very often to their products while being eco-responsible at the same time.