Here’s an interesting story via the Athletic, showing ABC7 sport anchor Mike Shumann stealing a jacket that belonged to Warriors personnel. 

Looks like he was caught redhanded, as there are cameras everywhere in an arena. Not very bright of him to think no one was watching. The eye in the sky catches all. 

From the Athletic:

A video surfaced showing ABC7/KGO-TV sports anchor Mike Shumann grabbed a jacket belonging to Ralph Walker, the Warriors director of team security (otherwise known as Steph Curry’s personal security guard), as Shumann exited the AT&T Center in San Antonio following a Warriors practice late last week during this first-round playoff series.

A KGO spokesperson issued the following statement this morning when asked about the incident: “We are taking these allegations very seriously and conducting a full investigation. As a matter of policy, we do not comment about personnel matters.”

How long will Bob regret this decision, probably the rest of his life. What a pointless theft, if you’re going to steal something, go Big! Dont’ try to jack some janky security guard’s jacket. What was in it for him? Strange story.