By July 2021, the population of Asia was estimated to be 4.68 billion. That is more than half of Earth’s human population. With that alone, you would expect Asia’s gambling industry to be the most vibrant and progressive. It’s such a big expanding market that you must stop and see what’s going on, specifically with asian odds basketball.  

But did you know that unlike other parts of the world, such as the UK, the USA (whose sports betting you can learn more here about), and Africa, gambling in Asia is underexploited due to tough gambling policies? Except in a few instances where you can access casino bonuses in Singapore, promoting gambling in several parts of Asia is illegal. Let’s delve into the subject further. Ultimately, you should understand the level of casino gambling and sports betting popularity in Asia. Start by checking out these latest SGD casino bonuses.

Gambling and Sports Betting in China

Let’s start with China by stating that the country’s Sports Lottery has full control over the gaming industry. Despite sports being a popular activity in China, promoters, as well as agents of gambling activities, are always tracked down. Most betting sites and online casinos in China are international entities licensed by the Chinese Sports Lottery. Meanwhile, find out why Anthony Joshua has accepted the terms of fighting with Fury on 3rd December. 

State Gambling in Macau, a special Chinese Administrative Region

However, things are quite different in Macau. Macau is a Special Administrative Chinese Region where gambling and sports betting are legal. Thousands of gamblers and sports bettors often visit Macau to wager on their sports and casino games because Macau’s government permits the activity. 

Notably, gambling or sports betting in Macau is mostly land-based. Online gambling is not licensed in Macau, and it takes away the essence of gaming in this part of the world, especially in this era of information technology. 

An important caveat is that Asia’s eGaming and sports betting industries gained momentum only recently when COVID confined millions to their homes. And while the Chinese government has strict control over internet use, there are millions of gamblers in the country who still find their way to popular online casinos and sports betting sites. It also means you can shop for the latest casino bonuses for the few sites operating in Asia. A perfect example is the SGD casino bonus code you can use to join top casino platforms in Singapore.


In Hong Kong, another Chinese Special Administrative Region, gambling is illegal. However, like in mainland China, sports betting activities are controlled by the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Casino gambling in Hong Kong is confined to certain cruise ships. There is no online gambling in Hong Kong; even on dedicated ships, the activity only happens outside Hong Kong’s water territories. 

Gambling in Japan

Japan is a first-world Asia country with fast-paced economic growth. Gambling in Japan is also strictly enforced, which makes it almost illegal. Things changed a bit in 2018 when the government allowed gambling in integrated casino resorts. The government strictly monitors gambling activities in Japan. Gamblers visiting the designated casinos are required to pay an entry fee of $50 as a way of controlling addiction.

Later in 2021, a newly formed body – Japan Casino Regulatory Commission, published a law guiding the creation of casinos in the country. The Integrated Resort Area Development Law is only the beginning of modern-age gambling exploits in Japan. Online gambling largely remains illegal in Japan.

Gambling in Singapore

Singapore’s gambling industry has, for many years, remained underexploited. Even today, only a few online casinos are allowed to operate within the country. Public operators of gambling operators are in control of the activity, which extends to sports betting on horseracing. So, before joining any platform, shop for the best online casino bonuses in Singapore. There are several casino bonuses you can claim before joining a platform. Casino welcome bonuses, free spins, and no deposit bonuses make up the most popular offers.

And to ensure gambling on sports or in casinos doesn’t become an addictive problem, legalized eGaming operators charge SGD 150 as an entry fee at integrated resorts. 

Moreover, online gambling is illegal. Only two public operators are licensed to conduct sports betting and casino gaming in Singapore. They are the Singapore Sports Council and the National Heritage Board. 

Gambling in South Korea

South Korea is another country in continental Asia worth exploring. Notably, online casinos and sports betting are banned in South Korea. Except for Kangwon Land, only foreigners are allowed to gamble at specific casino resorts in South Korea. Sports bettors are only allowed to wager on bullfighting and horse racing. Moreover, lottery gambling is legal in South Korea. 

Gambling in Vietnam 

In Vietnam, the gambling landscape has been quite different lately. Until 2018, any form of gambling in Vietnam was outlawed. However, a few years after the enactment of sports betting legislation in 2018, casinos started operating in the country. Only foreigners are allowed to visit land-based casinos in Vietnam. 

Moreover, sports betting in Vietnam is only limited to horseracing, football, and greyhound racing. Most recently, the government of Vietnam piloted a project that allows only those who earn $440 or more into casinos.

Other Regions of Asia

Punitive gambling laws prohibit the activity in other regions of Asia, such as Cambodia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Taiwan. In Malaysia, a mostly Islamic country, online gambling is banned. However, punters can still visit brick-and-mortar establishments. The Taiwanese government forbids gambling. The activity has been illegal since 1935. Today, only state-operated lotteries operate in Taiwan. And to show cause for the seriousness of the situation, the Taiwanese government fined a gambling ring of $41.7 million in 2021. A criminal prosecution could have made things worse for the illegal entity. 

The Uniqueness of Gambling in India

India’s gambling landscape is quite different from other Asian countries. Gambling laws in India are enacted by various states. Presently, Sikkim, Goa, Diu, and Daman regulate land-based casinos. However, a lot of underground sports betting activities take place in India. In a nutshell, millions of punters access offshore gambling sites, albeit illegally.


To conclude, sports betting is quite more popular in Asia than casino gambling. In most cases, legalized betting is controlled by state agencies. Cricket betting thrives in India, while local internet casinos are unheard of. Lotteries are more popular than online casinos. Horse racing betting is another gaming activity you can enjoy in several parts of Asia, even more than casino gambling. For those who would wish to visit Asian casinos, only a few land-based establishments are available in most Asian countries, strictly controlled and licensing limited to a few operators.