Whether you are playing paper, scissors or rock to determine whose turn it is to wash the dishes, or who can stomach more hot sauce, placing bets is a part of our daily lives. For many people, betting is not only entertainment but also a profitable pastime.

The two most common ways of placing bets are sports betting and casino gambling.  If you are considering taking up recreational gambling, how would you go about deciding which of the two is most suitable for you?

Here are some important points that will help you make the decision.

Sports Betting Odds Vs. Casino House Edge

When it comes to sports betting and casino gambling, there is a significant difference in the way that you place the bets and calculate the wins.

In casino betting, the casino has a mathematical advantage over the wagering gamers, called the house edge. What this means is that the casino will always win more in the long run. However, there is a high probability that a lucky player will have a lucky streak and win a huge amount of cash.

When it comes to sports betting, the odds are calculated based on the probability that a certain outcome is going to happen. However, there is a sum reserved for the betting operation as well, which the players refer to as “the vig.” What this implies is that you are always paying more than what you are actually betting on a horserace or a football match.

Bets Availability

This is a major difference between sports betting and casino betting. Usually, sports betting is not available 24/7 and gamblers are limited to placing a bet only when their favorite team is playing. These game are often played, but at times they are rare. In most cases, bettors are forced to place bets on leagues that are less popular which they are unfamiliar with.

On the contrary, casino betting is available 24/7 round the year. Casino games do not depend on any real-world circumstances.

Bet Variety and Choice

When it comes to the variety of bets between casino betting and sports betting, there is quite a difference. However, there is not much difference in terms of the number of choices. For instance, if you prefer sports betting, you can place bets on any professional sport there is and all top leagues in each sport.  Additionally, some bookmakers allow you to place bets on sports and sports leagues that you might have never heard of. If sports is not your thing, you can place bets on public affairs, politics, and celebrities.

If you love casino betting, you also have a wide selection of choices. You can play online slots and games, blackjack, roulette, poker, bingo, lottery, keno, wheel of fortune, scratch cards and man more.  

Getting Started at Online Casinos Vs Sports Betting

Getting started in either of the two is probably the biggest difference you will experience.

If you want to succeed in sports betting, you need to know much about sports before you can start.  Lack of knowledge about sports betting means that there is going to be a sharp learning curve before you can start winning. You must learn a lot about sports leagues, players, teams, sports rules, transfers, relationships, and many other things before you can start winning.

Getting started with online casinos is quite easy. Bettors can start playing a slot game in a matter of seconds and if lucky enough win a jackpot.  But you must note that there are some games that rely on combining luck and skills. One such game is roulette where players must learn the rules and master them before they can start winning awards.


Notably, there are some major differences between casino betting and sports betting. This article is not written to come up with a conclusion as to which of the two is better. The choice exclusively depends on individual needs and preferences.  It serves as an insight into the main differences between the two, so you can be able to make a choice.