Rachel Bush is a head turning Instagram model, who recently married Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer.  She was nice enough to answer a few questions for us and revealed a little dream of hers in the process.

Sports Gossip: First of all congratulations on recently getting married. The wedding looked like a beautiful ceremony and the two of you have started a lovely family together.

Talking about the family for a minute, are there plans to add another little one anytime soon?

Rachel Bush: Hahaha NO! I know this answer is probably going to be a bummer for some. I always get DMs asking when we are going to have another baby. I’m just like noo, don’t ask that lol. Not for a good 7-10 years. 

SG: Kids can be a handful, but so can relationships with an athlete, especially a professional athlete. They spend a lot of time perfecting their craft.

What is it like to be in a relationship with an NFL player?

RB: Honestly it’s a lot of work. Before having Aliyah it was a piece of cake. Besides the constant worrying about Jordan getting hurt or being alone when he traveled I was fine. Living my best life! Lol. Then when Aliyah came in the picture my whole world flipped upside down! She’s the most precious little angel and my biggest blessing don’t get me wrong, but at 19 I wasn’t really ready to take on NFL wifey and mommy life all at once. It’s something that I’m still working on and trying to perfect, it’s no longer just about me, especially during the season. All about Lea and Jordan now! 

SG: Was there anything you weren’t prepared for when you first started dating Jordan?

RB: Not really. I wasn’t one to really overreact about being with NBA or NFL players. Like we are all people at the end of the day. The articles and posts that started being written right when we first started hanging out were a little shocking, bit of a change for me at the time but they were all positive for the most part so It was cool. 

SG: What has been the biggest difference between Cleveland and Buffalo? Besides the winning.

RB: The biggest difference has to be Buffalo is more of a family place, like a total change in atmosphere I feel. I love that about It out there. It’s a nice break from the Miami life too. Buffalo is a complete football town too. They eat, breathe, and sleep football lol. I love that obviously because they make us feel like superstars when we are out there! Great people! Wasn’t really like that in Cleveland, the fans were great and dedicated to the team, no doubt. But it’s hard to be die hards with the record Cleveland had while we where there.

SG: Because sports is half of what we do and gossip is the other half we have to ask about DMs. When you were in Cleveland you received a DM from LeBron.

Have any other famous athletes slid into the DMs? And how do you handle those when they happen? 

RB: Yeh It’s something that’s probably going to continue to happen when you post stuff like I post! Lol. I don’t answer them anymore. Jordan obviously wouldn’t have that lol. I used to in college all the time, mostly because I was bored and I was just like “oh hey look who it is now” it was all really just a game to me. Never had true intentions to actually see most of them or anything haha.

SG: With your large social media following, your skills at taking bikini pics and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s recent expansion into Instagram models, have they approached you?

RB: Sadly no, not yet anyways! I’m waiting for this to happen though! Just need the right connects! 

SG: Would you be interested in doing anything with Sports Illustrated? Or a similar publication?

RB: My dream has been to work with Sports Illustrated for the longest time now! Seriously, like since I was 13. That’s definitely something I am interested in no doubt and I hope over the next few years that happens for me! Right up my alley! 

SG: And finally, what can we look forward to next from you?

RB: So what’s up next for me will be the release of my fitness guide. Everyone has been asking for one for a while now, especially since I got back into shape after having lea. So that will be out with in the next couple of weeks, followed by some calendars I’m going to start shooting for soon. Then maybe a clothing line is in the works, it’s something Jordan and I have been discussing.

Many thanks to Rachel for doing this interview with us.  You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Also we urge all of you to reach out to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and tell them to get their shit together and reach out to Rachel.  She’s ready and willing.