Camille Kostek is an absolute superstar.  She’s gone from a Patriots cheeleader to Rob Gronkowski’s girlfriend to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model.

With that success comes a very busy schedule.  In fact, she’s too busy to get married to her former NFL player boyfriend.  It also comes with a lot more eyeballs.

Every move Camille makes now is under a microscope, including on social media.  Her latest efforts on social media includes a post of her showing off her Victoria’s Secret.   

If you’ve been paying atrention then you knew this day was coming.  Camille previously hinted at it, “I always love rocking cute lingerie but sometimes it’s so cute I want to show it off !!!”

We wouldn’t mind if she decided to show more of her lingerie game.  She’s definitely put in the work and deserves to enjoy it a little.

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