Gambling has appealed to millions of people from all locations and it is something that is often enjoyed
by athletes. Many professional players have been seen enjoying the thrills of casino games, especially
poker, and with a number of sports legends hitting it big at casinos, it is a common sight to see these
players sitting at the tables or slots. Not only do sports legends engage in gambling at local land casinos,
but they also benefit from the offering of online casinos. With many great sites operating like casumo,
there are endless ways to enjoy gambling from home as well as by visiting some of the major casinos
around the world.

Floyd Mayweather is a popular sports legend that has been known to gamble quite frequently. A native
of Las Vegas, Mayweather is no stranger to Vegas casinos and he has bet huge amounts at the tables.
This prize fighter has also organized his own blackjack tournaments, where he has been seen betting
$100,000 per hand.

European football legends Mario Balotelli and Wayne Rooney are two other gamblers that enjoy
spending their free time at the tables. Rooney is a blackjack and roulette fan and drops thousands in
bets at local casinos. Balotelli also wagers thousands at the tables but is known to share his winnings. He
has actually been seen leaving a casino after winning and giving money to the homeless that are on the

Another football legend that loves to gamble is Teddy Sheringham. A former professional England
striker, he has become a successful poker player over the years. Teddy has won over $300,000 in poker
payouts by playing in some of the greatest tournaments, including the World Series of Poker. In
addition, this sports legend has also represented PokerStars and has been found playing in many charity
events. After his professional football career, he has turned to poker and can be found at a seat at many
of the world’s largest events.

Over the years, many sports legends have had their time at the tables, some winning and some losing.
Michael Jordan, the former basketball star, admitted to betting over $165,000 one night before a major
basketball game. Jordan is an avid gambler and poker player and can often be seen at Vegas resorts
playing high-stakes games. Alex Rodriguez, a former NY Mets player has been seen playing at the poker
tables at major Vegas casinos and is also associated with underground poker dens. Rodriguez admits to
loving the thrills of gambling and is known to have some controversial betting habits. He is still involved
in playing high stakes poker games, both online and off. John Daly, a professional golfer, has made many
bets at casinos throughout his career. He prefers playing slot games but is also quite familiar with poker
and blackjack.

Charles Barkley is another legend who is not a stranger to gambling. Though Barkley is not seen as often
at Vegas casinos rolling the dice, he has been known to make appearances to top rated online sites
Barkley has been gambling for many years and prefers high stakes poker games. He has been a
contestant in many large poker events around the world, but over the years, has slowed down his
gambling in land based casinos.

Sports legends are often seen at Poker events as well, sitting in at events like The World Series of Poker.
These stars have made millions playing professional sports and feel they have the money to spend on casino games. Even when they aren’t spotted at tables in Vegas, these athletes are often engaged in
betting activities online.