If you live in Indonesia and happen to be on the hunt for the best platform to place sports bets on, IBET44’s Sportsbook might just be the platform for you.

Statistics painting a picture around the global average number of bets being played daily estimate that every day, millions of bets covering a plethora of sports are placed. This is probably testament to the basic human instinct of always wanting to wager on the probability of an event playing out a certain way. Although the systems and practices have been altered slightly, the human practice of betting has, at its core, remained unchanged in principle for hundreds of years.

Today, betting has become a large underlying industry to the sports industry. As mutually beneficial organisms, these two industries have created a relationship where either one serves to create a need for the other one. In doing so, this has meant that a growth in the investment and revenues in sports has simultaneously meant an equivalent growth in the betting industry as well. In terms of the popular sports charting this path, perhaps no single one is more important than soccer. Soccer has become a global sport to reckon with, a phenomenon of epic proportions with fans, stakeholders, and patrons from all over the world. The sport has managed to transcend global boundaries and carve out a large sized niche for itself in the process. A high value economic activity by all ramifications, the global success of the game has spurred a resurgence in the fortunes of sports betting as well.

For sports fans, there is this palpable draw that comes with wanting to be a part of the sporting action beyond just seeing the game on the television. Betting makes fans feel like they are themselves part of the stakes. It gives them this feeling of belonging and being a part of the sport they love. In a sense, this is why most football fans choose one team and support that team unconditionally, most times betting on the fortunes of said team as well. The fact that soccer is the most watched sport on the planet has also meant that it has seen the most bets placed on its matches – dwarfing any other sporting activity. To drive home the point, the world cup final between France and Croatia in 2018 saw bets totalling more than $200million being placed on a single betting platform in the United Kingdom.

Football betting alone accounts for billions of dollars in annual volume. The sheer size of this market is nothing to scoff at. The larger part of these amounts come from bets placed on live games as a result of the ubiquity of the sport.

Amongst the new emerging markets that football has penetrared, Indonesia probably stands as a gleaming example. The South-East Asian island country of more than 200 million people stands as a testament to the sheer reach of the game. Just 30 years ago, the sport, despite not being completely new to the populace, wasn’t really popular in the country. Fast forward 30 years and now it has exploded there, becoming the most recognizable sport all over the country and drawing huge crowds of fans to games. With a large following of international leagues such as the EPL, La Liga, Seria A, Champions League, Bundesliga, etc, Indonesian fans cheer on a multitude of teams all over the world and this healthy diversity has exponentially boosted their football market, allowing it to break bounds and form an integral part of their sports culture. 

With all this having been said, it perhaps serves as the best way to  introduce IBET44’s sportsbook. In an era where almost every leisurely has gone digital, Sportsbook has been introduced by its parent company as a product aimed at fans of sports betting of all kinds, all over Indonesia. The platform gives users a comprehensive overview of all the sports games that can be bet on, allowing them to place their bets in real time and proceed from there. Sportsbook is a comprehensive solution for bettors that displays clearly all of the information needed for them to make the best possible bets. It fits seamlessly with the main online betting platform allowing users to access the entirety of the company’s online product portfolio. 

Sportsbook gives users access to bet on a vast array of games daily, with support for popular sports such as football (soccer), basketball, and hockey. It allows users information surrounding each event including statistics and odds around each and every outcome. The entire betting process is instantaneous with immediate deposits and instantaneous withdrawals of winnings from the platform. Sportsbook is a solution allowing users to access all of their bets and bet slips at once.

The platform is especially useful for those betting on football games. Because football is reliant heavily on stats, users can access all of the information they need in a way that is analysed and presented in a clean, concise manner that is understandable. Thus, It makes the experience of betting less anxiety inducing, allowing users the confidence to go all out on their expectations towards a particular game. The benefits extend to the winnings as well, as the platform awards generous bonuses occasionally to users as gratitude for their loyalty to the platform. These bonuses form part of the payout and can be withdrawn with their regular winnings. Suffice to say that win or lose, Sportsbook gives users a betting experience that itself can only be rivalled by a few other platforms.

To conclude, they say always approach a new product with apprehension, but, that is not the case here. Sportsbook is a well thought product that is a result of years of research and fine-tuning that preceded its launch into the mass market. The product has been made to serve the most value to the Indonesian market, as an answer to the perceived demand of that market for that product niche – a niche which hasn’t seen a proper entry till date (until taruhan bola ibet44id.org of course).