Bookmakers from Nevada to New Jersey were taking a bath on a Sunday that will go down as one of the betting public’s best.

Nevada industry sources estimated the state’s sportsbooks lost in the range of $7 million to $10 million overall on Sunday.

“I don’t know that there was a best game [for the book],” Station Casino sportsbook director Jason McCormick said. “Maybe the Dolphins, which had the least handle of the day. Worst Sunday of the season.”

Normally, a day filled with favorites covering the spread is the recipe for success for public bettors. But favorites were only 6-5 against the spread on Sunday. It didn’t matter.

The damage wasn’t limited to Nevada. New sportsbooks in Mississippi and New Jersey also reported taking it on the chin Sunday.

Bettors were in need of a hot stretch after a tough start to the football season. Nevada sportsbooks won an all-time-high $56.3 million in September. Results for October will be released later this month.

If anyone should understand odds its bookmakers. Over a long period of time, the house always wins, but every so often, the bettors have the upper hand.