The NBA off-season promises to be a wild one.  LeBron James and Paul George have big decisions to make.  

Both have been linked to the Lakers at some point.  Also linked to the Lakers is Spurs star Kawhi Leonard, who is trying to force his way out of San Antonio via a trade.

While the Spurs originally shot down the idea of trading Kawhi to the Lakers, they have apparently reconsidered and are willing to talk about a potential trade.


The Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, Philadelphia 76ers and LA Clippers are among teams who have made offers to the Spurs for Leonard, league sources said. The Lakers, the franchise Leonard wants to be traded to, did not have an encouraging initial conversation with the Spurs, ESPN reported recently.

Although the Lakers came away feeling like San Antonio “shut the door on us” and the conversation never progressed or included a formal trade offer, the Spurs haven’t ruled out sending Leonard to any destination, league sources said.

If Leonard can convince the rest of the teams interested in trading for him that he’ll only be a one-year rental before signing with Los Angeles in 2019, the Lakers could have the most compelling trade package to offer San Antonio.

The Lake Show is about to become a superteam overnight.  If Los Angeles somehow lands Kawhi, LeBron and George, they will be a force to be reckoned with.

Forget about the rest of the NBA at that point.  There will be nothing left in the Eastern Conference that can match up with the Warriors and Lakers.