The President can be the Vulgar in Chief, but everyone else seems to be held to higher standards. 

In comments broadcast on the Cardinals Radio Network, Shannon said the Explore St. Louis website would tell visitors about ‘one-of-a-kind attractions,’ including ‘local handmade works of art at the Third Degree Glass Factory (where) new glass blowing is demonstrated,'” the paper explained in a story attributed to “staff reports.” 

“In the brief promotional segment, Shannon also used a euphemism for a sex act to describe ‘glass blowing.  

According to audio captured by a listener, what Shannon actually said was this: “I’m going to tell you about a blow job, that’s right. Artisans will appreciate the local hand-made works of art at the Third Degree Glass Factory …”  

As the paper explained, the Cardinals consider the remark an “unintentional slip of the tongue.” 

“Our announcers read anywhere from 15-20 pieces of promotional copy on any given broadcast, and there are times when they may ad-lib to a certain extent,” the team’s senior vice president of sales and marketing told the P-D. “We apologize for any misunderstanding. It’s unfortunate if anyone was offended. It does not (represent) the values of the franchise. Explore St. Louis is an important partner of ours and the Third Degree Glass Factory is a great St. Louis attraction.”   

Not much of a story here, just another example of the PC police. The guy was clearly joking, was it in bad taste? Maybe, but who doesn’t appreciate a good blown glass joke.