Betting on CS:GO can’t be successful without special preparations. A gambling strategy is required to keep your actions organized yet productive. When you bet on, you will notice the importance of such preparation work.

Best CS:GO betting strategy

When it comes to placing bets on CS:GO matches, bettors should apply special strategies. There are many of them. You need to find the one that addresses your needs, style, and gambling budget. Let’s check some of the most common options.

Pre-match CS:GO betting strategy

The pre-match CS:GO betting strategy is probably the most popular one. It revolves around betting on matches before they go live. To get the maximum benefit out of it, extensive research is required. As a bettor, you should look through the recent news, statistics, and analytics. Using the collected data, you will be able to make an accurate prediction.

Live CS:GO gambling strategy

The concept of CS:GO live betting is based on a direct process. It is quite fast and easy. While watching CS:GO tournaments in a live format you have a better opportunity to grasp the whole atmosphere. Some types of bets can be placed during the tournament, in the first round or by the end of the event. Still, you have to spend some time on research before everything starts.

CS:GO map veto betting strategy

Not all CS:GO teams have an equally good performance on all competitive maps. Generally, there are seven maps in the Competitive Map Pool. Some teams focus on the specific maps, while other maps are considered to be less preferable. To make accurate CS:GO betting predictions, you will need to use live betting. Why? Well, you need to check the map veto to make this CS:GO betting strategy as the match gets underway.

Make sure to estimate a team with a winning streak. For example, Team A has won the last several matches on a specific map, and Team B fails to veto it out. Thus, Team A will most likely have one map to choose a standard best-of-three. This CS:GO betting prediction may work differently. When two poor maps get through the pre-match veto, a team can lose a best-of-three match.

Don’t forget that bookies also provide opportunities to bet on particular map results, which you can benefit from using your research. You can find all the relevant data on a form, team statistics, map description, and much more on the bookie’s website.

Form vs Ranking CS:GO betting strategy

Before you place your first bet on CS:GO, you can check the rank of both teams in a match. You can also take a look at both teams’ current conditions along with other pluses and minuses for a specific match. For example, Team A has a higher ranking than Team B, which makes the first one more attractive for bookies than the second one. Thus, betting on Team B gives you better odds because its chances of success are lower.

The current team form is a significant element in figuring out which team will win. To be more specific, the team in a better form will likely win a match against higher-ranked opponents. Sometimes, bookies don’t take team form into consideration. If you do, you have a good chance to take over the competition and cash in on some excellent odds with this CS:GO betting strategy.

Remember that no one can give you a guarantee that a team with a higher form rating will win. Betting on eSports is all about possibilities.

Value betting strategy

Taking the time to research, and subsequently analyze the “real” odds for a match, can be incredibly profitable. That’s where the value betting strategy becomes a real deal.

Let’s say that the odds for a top team winning a match is 1.2. If you bet 10, you will receive 12 points upon a team’s victory. If you bet a large amount exceeding 100, you will receive 20 points upon a team’s victory. If this team has gone through some necessary changes, or you’ve seen some issues in the armor in previous matches, it does make sense to bet against them. Betting on a 1.2 or even 1.3 odds can be quite risky. Meanwhile, the potential prize is going to be very low.

Let’s say that the odds for a team’s victory is just 20% but you think that it might be 35%, then betting on the underdog can bring more benefits. This case is known as value betting, where the perceived value of odds gets higher than the odds offered by bookies.

Wrapped Up

Whatever type of staking method or CS:GO betting strategy you decide to use, you will need a great bookie. While some bookies cover a great variety of markets, others offer a wide range of bonuses. So you can make a choice based on your preferences and needs.

By the way, you don’t need to choose one strategy and stick to it all the time. The best thing about eSports betting is an opportunity to experiment with different options. Feel free to try out all above strategies and even more before you choose the most suitable one.