Stalking is a phenomenon that has been there many years ago. However, it became a social problem recently with the increased use of the internet. Today, there is a kind of stalking named cyberstalking. This is when the stalker keeps an eye on the online presence of a person either on social media on other websites he/she uses. Even if you play gry hot spot online za darmo bez rejestracji, a stalker can watch over your actions and predict your upcoming ones.  

Stalking as a Problem

Stalking is when a person repeatedly tries to communicate or follow a victim in a way that annoys him/her. A stalker will persistently approach the victim even if the victim refused this kind of approach before. The problem with stalking is that it negatively affects the victim. His privacy is invaded, and he is always under threat. So, even if the stalker didn’t physically harm the victim, he causes him psychological harm. 

Consequently, victims of stalking try to respond to this threat by changing part of their daily life actions. For example, they may restrict their movements and visits to some places. Further, they may stop part of their social activities and never exist alone in some places. Also, they stop using certain online means of communication if the stalking is of an online nature. 

On the other hand, there are more destructive psychological effects. It usually leads to distress which may cause depression. Moreover, victims, out of fear, may not be able to sleep well. In severe cases, the victims can develop psychological disorders as anxiety disorders. 

Reasons of Stalking

Stalking occurs for several reasons. In some cases, especially in cyberstalking, it is just for fun. In other cases, the stalker has a reason, and he intentionally stalks his victim to reach a certain goal. Some people stalk their ex-partners. The stalker may be just watching over him/her because he cannot get over the relationship. If he/she intends no physical harm, stalking is a problem to the stalker more than the victim. 

Other people stalk their colleagues or competitors at work. They may want to cause them any kind of harm in their work. In the best-case scenario, the stalker will just observe his competitor win something without causing any harm. Another very common type of stalking is to stalk celebrities. Actually, this was the main type of stalking. Celebrities were stalked for many reasons throughout time. Some stalkers are just fans, whereas others are people who intend to harm. 

Finally, there are stalkers who want to revenge. These may be ex-partners, as mentioned before, but they are hurt and want to take revenge. Similarly, they may be any person who previously had a connection with the victim and want to revenge for any other reason. Whatever reason the stalker has, it is not a justified action. Even if the stalker is a victim himself and is trying to pay back, stalking is not a solution. So, there are various laws and regulations to prevent this action. Even on the internet, cyberstalking is a crime that is punishable in many cases.