Baseball is a sport that has fans all around the world. Even though it is a niche in America, it has Baseball – a sport with thousands of fans all around the globe. Considered as a niche in America, it has become popular in many other countries too. Why? Well, we can start with the interesting gameplay, and get to the devoted players that are willing to give anything for this sport. Baseball has always been famous in Canada too. That’s why most of the betting sites Canada offer a variety of markets available for these people that would like to bet on their favourite baseball team. In this sport there are star players that will always be in our history, but there are also some great rising stars, showing the world their potential. Today we will share with you who are the top performers in the world of baseball.

Babe Ruth

Undoubtedly, there is no better and more popular player than Babe Ruth. He will always be an unforgettable name in the history of baseball with great scores, a record for home runs of 59, and leading the AL in home runs 12 times. Babe Ruth is the first superstar when it comes to American sports, and his achievements will always be remembered and discussed by the fans of this great sport. 

Willie Mays

Willie Mays takes second place on our list with astonishing achievements of 3,283 hits, 1,903 runs, and 600 home runs. Furthermore, he won 12 Gold gloves and secured the MVP titles 2 times. Many fans believe that Willie was the best player of all time. So, when it comes to baseball – Mays is definitely an unforgettable legend that will stay in our hearts forever.

Barry Bonds

If you like watching baseball, then you have surely heard the name Barry Bonds. He is one of the most famous and liked players all around the world. Even though his history has a darker side, including peering and most likely some steroids, his achievements will never be taken away from him. He had 762 home runs, 688 international ones, and seven MVP awards. Bonds was a talent in the world of baseball, and nobody can argue that.

Ted Williams

The fourth place is taken by “the greatest pure hitter who ever lived” – Ted Williams. Even though he had to miss five seasons, his achievements are astonishing and unforgettable. We can only imagine what kind of success would Ted have if he didn’t spend 5 years in the military. He had a talent not only for baseball but also for piloting and fishing. The public has always loved and will always love Ted Williams – one of the top performers in the world of baseball.

Hank Aaron

Hank Aaron takes the fifth place, known as one of the best and most powerful hitters that baseball has ever seen. The Home Run King had a record of 755 homers that could not be beaten for 33 years. His accomplishments will always be remembered, including the three Golden Gloves he won, his 3,771 hits and 2,174 runs.

Every baseball fan should know these names since they made baseball such a great sport as it is now. All these people deserve the popularity and appreciation they are given by people all around the world as well as their achievements too. About the future – we can only wait and expect the new players that will take their places in the list of the top performers in the world of baseball with great achievements.