NFL linebacker Ulysees Gilbert III paid off layaways for more than 60 families ahead of Christmas Day.

Gilbert’s generosity brought smiles to a lot of faces in Marion County.

“I just wanted to help out my city a little bit, and all y’all layaway has been paid off,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert said he got the idea when he saw other professional athletes paying off layaway debts on social media.

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Sherita Graham said the act of kindness means more than he will ever know. She and her husband are taking care of grandkids and had $500 worth of items to pay for.

“My husband and I are both on Social Security and disability. We got hurt on the job,” Graham said.”My heart is overflowing with gratitude for him. I could tear up now.”

Gilbert partnered with the nonprofit Pay Away the Layaway to make the impact for his forever neighbors.

Gilbert paid off nearly $10,000 worth of items for more than 60 families.

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