Vikings receiver Stefon Diggs doesn’t just save seasons with amazing catches, he also saves strippers.  According to our source, Diggs is possibly dating and engaged to Danni the Dream.

Stef is engaged to a former stripper. Her name is Danni and she was still stripping when they first met. She said she doesn’t care who he fucks, what tours he goes on, how many girls he’s with or who is claiming and “pretending” on social media because he is her N***a and she’s going to be with him forever she is just letting him have his fun for now. She said it is a marathon and she’s welcoming new contestants to join but that she’s outlasted the girls before her and will do the same for the girls after her. This was a DM convo on IG. She’s too old to talk like that.

Diggs is out here saving the world, one stripper at a time.  Here is a closer look at “the dream.”