Steph Curry called mankind’s ‘giant leap’ into question while appearing on former teammate Kent Bazemore and Vince Carter’s ‘Winging It’ podcast recently, saying that he “didn’t think” that the moon landings had taken place.

The moon landing is one of the more controversial topics among conspiracy theorists, many of whom claim that the NASA faked the series of landings on the lunar surface in order to win the ‘space race’ with the Soviet Union. 

NASA even responded to his asinine comments. 

And now, it seems that all of the publicity has caused Curry to walk back his initial statements.

“I was silently protesting how stupid it was that people actually took that quote and made it law as, ‘Oh my God, he’s a fake-moon-landing truther’ whatever you want to call it, yada, yada, yada.”

The sharp shooter said that he intends to take up NASA’s offer of a personal tour of their facility in Texas next time he is in town.

“One thousand per cent,” he said of accepting their offer. “I am definitely going to take (NASA) up on their offer. I am going to educate myself first hand on everything that NASA has done and shine a light on their tremendous work over the years.

“And hopefully people understand that education is power, informing yourself is power. For kids out there that hang on every word that we say, understand that you should not believe something just because somebody says it. You should do your homework and understand what you actually believe.”

Society’s need for content outweighs all. 

Of course everyone was going to run wild with that story. 

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