Stephen A. Smith attacking his own burner account is a special thing.

The ESPN personality has a notorious “burner account” on Twitter with the handle @SASBurnerAcct that has over 347,000 followers.

For a moment, it seemed that the real Stephen A. Smith was one of them.

SAS recently acknowledged his burner account.

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On Wednesday, the burner account, which was created in October 2014 and posts funny video clips and memes of Smith, posted a screenshot that shows Smith’s official account following the burner with the caption, “OUR MISSION IS ACCOMPLISHED!!!”

The follow seems suspect, especially on April 1 and in light of Smith’s parsimonious reciprocal follows.

Despite having a flock of almost 5 million followers, Smith follows just eight other accounts.

Then it was nine.

Flip the Page to see the tweets: