The Wizards have issues and according to Stephen A. Smith, John Wall is to blame.  On Tuesday Smith read a text message on his radio show that he says he received from a Wizards player.

The text message points the finger at Wall for the team’s struggles:

“We love Scott Brooks.  Love playing for him.  He just can’t coach John.  John just walks all over him and it frustrates everybody.  The way he plays is impossible to play with.  We have so many guns, not enough bullets.  If John would just play off the ball and let others eat, we’d be fine.  But that’s a difficult thing for him to do and sometimes it’s difficult for us to watch.”

John might be getting the blame, but it sounds like the issue is actually with Scott Brooks.  He’s the one allowing Wall to walk all over him.

It’s much more fun when the players are pointing fingers at each other.