ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith has telling anyone and everyone who will listen that Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are going to team up in New York with the Knicks next season.  This is nothing new, it’s a rumor that has been around almost the entire season.

What is new, is Stephen A. putting the chances the two team up in New York at 95%.  According to his source, the two are almost guaranteed to become Knicks.

“Folks have stopped short of saying it’s a sure thing, but they have used the exact words, ‘95% probability that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are coming to Madison Square Garden next season.'”

A new Batman and Robin combo in New York?  This has to have Knicks fans looking forward to the off-season.  Not only could they land Zion Williamson in the draft, but they could add two superstars who know how to win rings.

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