Stephen Curry was so hot in the third quarter of Game 3 that after a successful  floater in traffic, he faced the crowd, took his mouthpiece out and shouted, “This is my f—ing house!”

“I blacked out,” he said.

Curry’s emotions erupted in step with his offensive output as he scored 18 of his game-high 35 points in a pivotal third quarter in which the Golden State Warriors broke the game open, resulting in a 126-85 thumping of the Houston Rockets to take a 2-1 series lead in the Western Conference finals.

His Mom Sonya, wasn’t too pleased. 

“She already sent me two home videos, showing me the clip and playing it back,” Curry told ESPN. “She was telling me how I need to wash my mouth out, saying to wash it out with soap. It’s a message I’ve heard before.”  

 “She’s right,” Curry told ESPN. “I gotta do better. I can’t talk like that.”  

“You know, I’ve seen those explosions happen here and everywhere,” said Green, who provided 10 points, a game-high 17 boards and six assists. “It’s not just here. Nonetheless, definitely get a lot of support from the fans. His 3 is similar to some people’s dunk. You go to certain arenas and a guy gets a dunk and it’s just absurd. That’s how his 3-ball is. But definitely a lot of support. The fans were great tonight. I think he had a great quarter there in that third quarter. I don’t mean to disappoint, but I’ve seen crazier from him, but it was good to see.”  

Steph is a role model, and acting like this on the court is just not a good look. He jacks up so many shots, of course he’s going to catch fire. Just act like you’ve been there before. Not only is his Mom right, she’s hot.