Denver Nuggets’ small forward, Michael Porter Jr. felt the rage after he sent out a tweet that was the equivalent of Kendall Jenner’s tone-deaf Pepsi ad.

Porter Jr. hopped on Twitter and asked that people pray for the family of the police officers who were involved in the death of George Floyd.

“As much as you pray for George family, gotta also pray for the police officer(s) who were involved in this evil. As hard as it is, pray for them instead of hate them…Pray that God changes their hearts.”

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After one person responded with an emphatic NO, because the officers involved were able to go home to their families, Porter Jr. replied:

“You’re right, hatred is why George is dead, and so many others before him.”The hatred is why our hearts are breaking. That hatred is why I pray to a God of love.”

Stephen Jackson wasn’t having it. 

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