Dallas Cowboys receiver Cole Beasley suggested the team’s front office dictates where passes are thrown.

Today Dallas Cowboys EVP Stephen Jones brushed aside that notion during an appearance on the The Rich Eisen Show.

“I would hope that’s just his frustration but certainly not at all the case,” Jones said. “We don’t get involved in that. The only thing we ever do is decide if we’re going to pay players a lot of money. Or if we’re going to trade for players and give up big picks. We certainly hope that they would be involved if we’re going to do things like that; that there’s a reason that we’re doing it they’re going to be involved.

“But we would never dictate where balls go or things of that nature. In terms of the game plan and getting involved with what our coaching does to get ready to play the ball game. And certainly of all people, Cole is always involved in getting balls and getting catches. He’s been just an integral part of what we’re about. Certainly, he’s made a lot of big catches and key catches in games that we’ve won.”

Beasley later tried to clarify his comments on Twitter:

 Nice try on the save Cole. 

Not sure the Cowboys will want to resign Beasley now that he exposed their dark dirty little secret. 

That’s one way to rule out playing for America’s team. 

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