Last night at the Basilica of St. Josaphat on Milwaukee’s south side, officers gathered for the annual “Law Enforcement Mass of Blessing,” as police have been working to prepare the public for the release of the video in the Sterling Brown case.

“We will be releasing it soon, but I can’t give you a time and date,” said MPD Chief Alfonso Morales.  “In those instances where we have made mistakes and are wrong, I’m sorry,” said MPD Chief Alfonso Morales in Tuesday’s public relations video.  

Police released that video Tuesday, perhaps foreshadowing the pending release of the Brown video.

“That is a coincidence. It was done because he’s new in the police department and he wants to let people in this community know that he’s very, very serious about improving police-community relations,” said Mayor Barrett.

Police previously said the body camera footage of the Brown arrest would be released upon completion of the internal review of the incident. We could also find out whether the officers involved will face disciplinary action. This video sounds like it’s really bad.