Steph Curry is fouling more than usual this postseason. 

Curry, who averaged just 2.4 personal fouls per game throughout the regular season, has had at least four fouls in all but two of their seven playoff games so far this postseason. 

Warriors coach Steve Kerr can’t stop his star guard from fouling.

So finally, during one of the Warriors’ games in Los Angeles in their opening round series, Kerr tried a new strategy: He recruited Curry’s mom.

“I asked him, I said, ‘Steph, where’s your mom?’” Kerr said. “And he pointed up about 10 rows behind the bench. I looked up and made eye contact with Sonya and I said, ‘Tell him not to foul anymore.’”

 So Kerr is going to try his hand at the other parent in the Curry household.

“If his mom can’t get through to him, I’m definitely not going to get through to him,” Kerr said. “I’m going to maybe try Dell this time, try dad.”

Steph definitely is a momma’s boy. 

Take a look below at Steph’s Mom Sonya. 

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