Steve Kerr has had to hear  a lot of comments coming from Kevin Durant as of late. 

Durant recently sat down with the Wall Street Journal for a wide-ranging interview, during which he spoke candidly about his issues with the Warriors offensive sets, specifically in the later rounds of the playoffs.

Via WSJ:

“The motion offense we run in Golden State, it only works to a certain point. We can totally rely on only our system for maybe the first two rounds. Then the next two rounds we’re going to have to mix in individual play. We’ve got to throw teams off, because they’re smarter in that round of the playoffs. So now I had to dive into my bag, deep, to create stuff on my own, off the dribbles, isos, pick-and-rolls, more so than let the offense create my points for me.”

Kerr addressed Durant’s thoughts, and explained that all great offenses are more effective during the regular season and opening rounds, but it’s the individual play of all-time greats, such as KD, that helps teams get over the hump.

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