Apparently Kevin Durant is very upset at the Warriors over their handling of his injury, forcing him to come back and play, which ultimately injured him ever worse. 

NBA reporter Ric Bucher said this week that Durant is still unsure if he was misled about being able to suffer a more significant injury by playing before his calf was 100 percent healed.

Now Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr is responding to those rumors. 

Via Bleacher Report

“We had not only our staff but Kevin’s own personal specialist and then a third independent specialist all clear him to play,” Kerr said, as transcribed by Joseph Zucker of Bleacher Report. “All three after the fact were shocked at what proceeded with the Achilles. They all said it was the first time they had ever seen this.”

So basically Kerr is saying that his injury was a freak accident.  

The Warriors story still is that Durant’s Achilles injury was totally separate from his calf injury. 

But it just feels like they had something to do with one another. 

Just bad timing and bad luck?

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